Wallonie picarde

Tournai is situated in Wallonie picarde, a vast green area giving easy access to Lille, Brussels, Mons and Kortrijk (Courtrai). Next to Tournai Wallonie picarde features 2 other major heritage and commercial cities, Ath and Mouscron, and 2 natural parks, the Parc naturel des Plaines de l’Escaut and the Parc naturel du Pays des Collines, which are ideal to discover on foot. The region is well-known for its parks and gardens, the castles of Beloeil, Attre and Antoing and the Hôpital Notre-Dame à la Rose, but also for its archaeological sites and the Pairi Daiza animal park. Moreover, it is the venue of numerous festive events. Discover the must-sees of the region here. For more information, consult visitwapi.be.